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Half Day Morning Elephant Care at Blue Tao & Jungle Waterfall Walk.

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A high quality join in small group atmosphere for a half day morning elephant care at Blue Tao Elephant Village, ethical elephant experiences and being up close with these giant pachyderms, you will cook healthy treats for elephants, feeding, walking with them through the most beautiful Chiang Mai lush forest ( No riding elephants & cruelty free ), great photo shots when they are throwing dust & dirt, scratching on trees and foraging foods in the wild, fun elephants bathing in the hidden waterfall. Thai homemade lunch included in our tour price ( # Join in small group tour. ## PRICE: 1,900 THB /person ).


Blue Tao Elephant Village
This unique place is located among the terraced White Karen Hill Tribe rice paddy fields, natural streams, waterfalls, large beautiful pine woods and lush forest of the backside of Doi Inthanon Mountain, Southwest of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Where are they from ? ( These giant pachyderms ).
They are the important treasure from the White Karen hill tribe ancestors since 400 years ago, from generations to generations until nowadays. The original village of these elephants is a small village called " Baan Sob Mae Satop", which is located in the middle of the mountain of Mae Chaem District, further Southwest of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. In the past they were the important vehicles of hill tribe people to carry rice, salt, tobacco among Mae Chaem - Samoeng - Chiang Mai - Mae Hongson.

How it becomes Blue Tao Elephant Village ?
They used to work really hard in timber industry in Northern Thailand region for some British timber companies, later they had entered into tourism by carried tourists with the howdah chair on top of their back, then became a part of elephant shows in some large elephant safari camps in the North of Chiang Mai. In 2014 the Karen hill tribes who own the elephants decided to dump the trekking howdah chair and regrouped into a sustainable  Eco tourism & ethical elephant experiences with team of Blue Elephant Thailand Tours, and it becomes " Blue Tao Elephant Village " till nowadays.

How do we support community ?
Our project is not only to improve the living conditions of the elephants and their keepers, but also giving a good chance to support the hill tribes who live in villages nearby our elephant village. We buy some agricultural products to use for elephant daily foods from them such as Napier grasses, sweet corn stumps, rice grains, tamarinds, sugar canes and bananas. Some of our profit also goes for sponsor some village' activities for instance Mother's Day, Children' s Day and lunch, as well as village water supply.

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Itinerary  06:30 AM. - 02:00 PM. [ No Riding ]

.     06:30 - 07:00 AM. Pick up from hotel in Chiang Mai city and transfer to Blue Tao Elephant Village.
      Drive about 1 and a half hours along the country road towards Southwest of Chiang Mai.
  .     We arrive at the elephant village, get change into the elephant keeper outfit.

  .     Get some information and basic learning about Asiatic Elephants, cooking healthy treats, feeding foods to them.
  .     Walking with elephants through the jungle and fun elephant bathing & scrubbing in the waterfall.
  .     Feeding some more foods and say goodbye to those giant pachyderms.

  .     Enjoy delicious lunch with fresh fruits at our jungle restaurant with excellent view.
  .     Leave the elephant village and transfer you back to Chiang Mai city.
      02:00 PM. Arrive at your hotel and end of our wonderful tour.

PRICE :  1,900 THB / person 

:   1,500 THB / person ( 3 -10 yrs ).

CHILD UNDER 3 YRS :  free !!!..

Quick note:

1. We run this nice & friendly trip all year round ( never stop for any holidays ), departs daily from Chiang Mai city.
2. Welcome to all of you, this trip suitable for all ages from small children till elderly persons.
3. We use air conditioned minibus and suv car for transportation, safety and comfortable for entire journey.
4. You should go with us, because we operate a real small group trip, beautiful location of mountains, beautiful
    scenery of vast valley, green forest, terraced rice paddy fields of hill tribe people, bathing elephants at a waterfall.


  -     Join in group transportation by air conditioned minibus or suv car.
  -     All activities as mentioned in the itinerary above.
  -     Thai homemade lunch and fresh fruits at our elephant village.
  -     Bottled drinking water service free for entire trip.
  -     Food for feeding elephants.
  -     Local 1st class travel accident insurance.
  -     English speaking tour guide. ( He /she will take photos for you, please bring your own camera ).


  -     It's free pick up & drop off at any hotels, resorts located in Chiang Mai city area only.
  -     But, additional charges will apply for any hotels, resorts located off Chiang Mai city area.
  -     If your pick up place is a private house, condo booking through airbnb website, we need to know the
        host's name with phone no. ? exact location ? building's name ? and Google maps.


  -     T-shirt & long pants, training shoes and flip-flops, swimming suit, towel, a change of cloth and underwear.
  -     Sunscreen, insect repellent, and camera.


 -      The elephant keeper outfits and comfortable rubber boots.
 -      Traditional Thai farmer bamboo hats.
 -      Nice shower rooms, western toilets, metal lockers at Blue Tao Elephant Village.

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